Sunday, July 23, 2006

Motherfucker -- Pre-Independence Day Freakout and the Electric Motherfucking Slide

The Motherfucker 4th of July Pre-Independence Day Freakout was incredible... Justine & Michael's sets were brilliant (as per usual). Personal highlights: Michael T. dropping "Sin" around 4:30 and when the Electric Slide broke out on the MF stage. That's right -- the Electric Motherfucking Slide.

In another spectacular and absurd display of overshooting, I've only managed to narrow the set down to around a hundred shots. Can't help it... you're all so easy on the eyes. Throw on some music (edited these to the new Mars Volta... "Meccamputechture" is amazing) and click any of the shots below to take a good look at yourself...

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Lightning Bolt @ the Hook 5/7/06

These shots of Lightning Bolt at the Hook are way overdue... and I seriously over-shot this show. They could almost be assembled into a flip-book. Too many shots, but whatever...

Go to their myspace page ( , put on a song, and check out the photos here.